Introduction to the AideR platform

The AideR Container platform enables a secure & scalable resource designed to leverage applications obtained from numerous marketplaces of existing container images or our specialized registry, with service awareness, security, scalability and performance as the main goal while deployable in the Cloud, On-Premises or at the Edge.


MigrateR is the AideR product line that delivers an entire Container Platform, which uses our private registry of container images to host applications to directly support your Migration process. You can assess your existing On-Premises network, compare Cloud comparable solutions, validate costs and migrate large amounts of data.

Azure Kubenetes Service (AKS) and Web Apps for Containers do not support windows images at the moment. If you are building images that rely on .Net Framework 3 or 4 images then you’re limited primarily to hosting using Azure VMs and Azure Container Services (ACS). If you want to deploy Knative that leverages Istio, then your limited to Azure VMs that support nested virtualization (Dv3 or Ev3).